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The Garage Services That Keep Your Vehicle Safe

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Every vehicle owner will need garage services from time to time. Cars are great for getting around, but they do succumb to wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s important to have a trustworthy garage for your essential vehicle maintenance.

The Legally Required Garage Service

Every car owner will need to book an annual MOT test at their local garage. The only exception is for the first three years of a new vehicle’s life, for some models. The MOT is required because it determines whether a vehicle is safe to run on UK roads. If you’re caught driving a vehicle with an expired MOT, you’ll be fined. A vehicle with no MOT is unable to be taxed, so you’ll also be liable for driving an untaxed vehicle. The only exception is the ability to legally drive to the centre for a booked MOT test.

Car Servicing

To keep your vehicle in prime condition in between MOTs, you should also book an annual service. While this isn’t a legal requirement, a service should still be considered as an essential.

Servicing is important because it ensures your vehicle is topped up with fluids and working correctly. The process includes checking over 50 components to make sure they’re not damaged. This helps to identify any potential problems early, so you could avoid expensive repairs in the long run.

Vehicle Repairs

When your car isn’t working as it should be, you need to schedule vehicle repairs. It’s never a good idea to drive an unsafe vehicle, so don’t delay in contacting your local garage.

You might need vehicle repairs if you hear strange noises, smell strange odours or notice a difference in the handling of your car.

Running diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your car but can’t find the issue, engine diagnostics can help. This process involves using a computer to read the engine and locate any problems. Diagnostics require specialist training, so you should only use a qualified garage for this service.

For All Your Garage Services, Choose Darglen Motors

Our team are experienced in providing all manner of garage services. So, if you need to book your vehicle in with us, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.


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